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Tanya Hall

Course Title: Critical Thinking

Tanya Hall is an advanced doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy at UCSD and an Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Social Sciences at San Diego Mesa College. Her areas of specialization include philosophy of science, epistemology, logic and critical experience.

  • BA in Philosophy, with a Minor in Physics, Saint Cloud University, St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • MA in Philosophy, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
  • C.Phil in Philosophy, University of California, San Diego
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of California, San Diego (in process)

Tanya Hall is currently at TA at UC San Diego and an Adjunct Instructor at San Diego Mesa College. She has also served as an Associate Instructor at UC San Diego and Virginia Tech. Over the past eight years she has TA'd for 31 courses (21 philosophy course and 10 argumentative writing courses).

Hall, Tanya, Andy Lamey, and Dean Tracy. 2016. “Exploring Video Feedback in Philosophy: Benefits for Instructors and Students.” Teaching Philosophy 39 (2): 137-162.

UCSD Graduate Philosophy Conference

  • University of California at San Diego, June 2014
  • “Mathematical Objects, Indispensability, and Modality”

SLU Graduate Philosophy Conference

  • St. Louis University, October 2011
  • “Surprise Announcements and Intrinsic Incredibility”

VT Graduate Philosophy Conference

  • Virginia Tech, November 2009
  • Commentary: “The Demise of Scientific Explanation”

Philosophy of Statistics and Modeling Workshop

  • Virginia Tech, April 2009
  • “Theory Revision: From Piecemeal to Large Scale Testing”

2009 Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference

  • University of Colorado, Boulder, March 2009
  • “The Value of Knowledge and Valuing Knowledge”

SCSU Student Research Colloquium

  • St. Cloud State University, April 2007
  • Poster Presentation: “SW3: O(1D) and H2O Production
  • Rates” Awarded: Certificate of Recognition, 2007 SRC
  • Scholarship Medal

Joint Meeting: American Astronomical Society & AAPT

  • Seattle, Washington, January 2007
  • Poster Presentation: “SW3: O(1D) & H2O Production Rates”

Minnesota Philosophical Society Student Meeting

  • University of Saint Thomas, April 2006
  • “On Theoretical Entities”