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Shelby Driscol-Salemi

Course Title: Language and Identity for Bilingual Writers (English/Spanish)

Shelby Driscoll-Salemi is currently pursuing her MFA in Writing at the University of California, San Diego. She is currently a teaching assistant at UC San Diego and has previoulsy worked for the University of Arizona Poetry Center as a library internist and volunteer. She also has experience in developing and facilitating art programs towards anti-bullying and drug prevention. 

  • BA in English and Creative Writing, Thematic Minor in Spanish and Portuguese, University of Arizona, Tucson
  • MFA in Writing, University of California, San Diego (in process)  
  • Teaching Assistant, UC San Diego - Introduction to Fiction, Fall 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, UC San Diego - Introduction to Writing Poetry, Fall 2017
  • Youth Poetry workshops - Sonoran Desert nature writing session (2015), Haikus and Superheroes (2014), Ecopoetics Erasure (2014), and Rappin' and Repeatin (2011)
  • “Merriam’s Kangaroo Rat.”  The Sonoran Desert: A Literary Field Guide.  Eds Magrane, Eric, and Cokinos, Christopher.  Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 2016. 141. Print.
    and Spiral Orb Five. (2012): n. page. Web.
  • Co-curated exhibit entitled “Cover Me: Trade Books with Fine Art Covers,” University of Arizona Poet-ry Center, Tucson, AZ, 2009.
  • Reading of “Merriam’s Kangaroo Rat” at Bioblitz, Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ, Oct. 2011
  • “Examining Substance Abuse,” Our Family Services, Tucson, AZ, Quarterly, 2014-2015
    Rotary International Group Study Exchange Trip to Brazil Presentation, Catalina Rotary Club, Tucson, AZ, June 2013