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Ruhail Andrabi

Course Title: The Sociology of Everyday Life

Ruhail Andrabi is Cultural Anthropologist whose dissertation examines the questions of sovereignty, Indigeneity, and Islamic revival movements. Specifically, how the Islamic discourses have problematized India's secularism, and Military occupation in Kashmir. Ruhail has previously worked with Coventry University as research Assistant, and Junior research fellow with Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi. Currently, he is working as Research fellow with Princeton, and Columbia University on the Project “Muslims in India”. To give a sense of thinking on these and other topics, some of the writers who have captivated his imagination in recent years are Edward Said, Walter Benjamin, Sylvia Wynter, Charles Taylor, Micheal Foucault, and Ludwig wittgenstein. He is broadly interested in Sociology of emotions, Anthropology of power, and Political life of spaces, and objects.

  • PhD, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego (in progress)

  • MA, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego (2023)

  • MA, Education, University of Kashmir, Srinagar (2018)

  • BA, Sociology, Geography, Education, University of Kashmir, Srinagar (2015)

  • Ruhail, Andrabi . Third Spaces, Contested Education and the Logic of Elimination in Kashmir. In: Duschinski, Haley, Mona Bhan and Cabeiri Robinson (eds.): Palgrave Handbook of New Directions in Kashmir Studies. Palgrave.
  • Ruhail Andrabi (2022) Troubling Muslim youth identities: Nation, religion, gender, Space and Polity, 26:1, 69-73, DOI: 10.1080/13562576.2022.2058390
  • Ruhail Andrabi, Contesting Authoritarianism, Redefining Democracy: Youth and Citizenship in Contemporary India (Co-authored with Laila Kadiwal, Manish Jain). In, Teaching & Learning Journal by Intellect.
  • Ruhail Andrabi, Islam, Sovereignty and Political Life of dead bodies in Kashmir to be submitted to Cultural Critique Published by the University of Minnesota Press.( Under Preparation). Guest Editor Dr cabeiri Robinson
  • I’m now a butterfly carrying dead metaphors on my wings, a poem Published by Harper Collins in an Anthology of Queer Poetry.
  • Curfew tales in Kashmir, a poem Published By Cafe Dissensus Everyday, was born in New York City (USA) and is now based in India as a literary magazine.
  • Midnight Conversations and Country and Colonialism, ethnographic poetry Published by Ethnographic Marginalia which is affiliated with the Urban Ethnography Lab at the University of Texas-Austin and the Ethnography Incubator at the University of Chicago.
  • Take this heart to the deep slumber, and Will not you attend my funeral, poems Published By Blue Lotus Magazine Editor Martin Bradely. A literary Magazine of South Asian Art.
  • Bricks, Gunshots and Blood; An Ethnography poetry of political violence in Kashmir book under preparation to be submitted to Harper Collins India in 2024.