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Dong Wang

Transcription, DNA damage and repair, post-translational modification, chromatin, protein complexes, chemotherapy, carcinogen, structure, crystallography, microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular pharmacology, cancer

My research focuses on three areas: structural basis of transcription regulation, molecular mechanisms of DNA damage and repair, and rational design of novel drugs for chemotherapy.

Particularly I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage processing pathways. The DNA template is not only the site of continuous attack by harmful environmental agents, but also represents a major target for cancer therapy. These DNA lesions trigger a variety of cellular processes, including DNA repair pathways and signaling pathways that activate cell cycle checkpoints and apoptosis. We take a multidisciplinary approach to study structure and function of key protein complexes involved in these processing pathways. My research will provide structural insights and understanding of the alterations in gene expression and DNA repair pathways that lead to cancers and other severe human diseases. Moreover, understanding how cell process DNA lesions will help us to understand the mechanisms of drug action and resistance and pave the way for rational improvement of novel anticancer drugs.