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Brad Moore

Natural Product Engineering

Dr. Moore's laboratory is focused on understanding the fundamental mechanisms and pathways involved in how bacteria produce antibiotics, anticancer agents, and other bioactive natural products, with a special emphasis on marine microorganisms. Research is performed at the chemistry-biology interface and involves a number of sophisticated approaches that include heterologous biosynthesis, mutasynthesis, chemoenzymatic total synthesis, genome mining, and in vitro and in vivo biochemical analysis. Biosynthetic systems are largely targeted from marine actinomycete bacteria, which harbor promising natural product compounds such as the potent anticancer agent salinosporamide A, the polyketide antibiotics enterocin and marinopyrrole, and the cyclomarin anti-inflammatory peptides.

Microbial biodiversity remains one of the last great biotic frontiers, and developing effective strategies to discover and exploit new small molecules from this resource is integral to the success of future drug discovery efforts. The introduction of recombinant technology to the natural product discovery process has allowed us to interrogate and manipulate biosynthetic processes in order to expand the biosynthetic capabilities of marine bacteria to yield new chemical entities for biological evaluation.

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