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Alexander Hoffmann

Biochemistry: signaling, transcription, computational network; stress and immune responses, apoptosis, proliferation

Mammalian cells respond to the environmental stresses and pathogens, and to inter-cellular signals in order to protect the organism, and coordinate an immune response. Each signal activates the expression of a specific set of genes, utilizing signaling pathways in the cell.

Our interest focuses on the IºB/NF-ºB signaling network, which transmits signals that regulate inflammation, immunity, and environmental stress responses. In many human diseases (e.g. cancer, immunodeficiencies, and arthritis) this pathway is deregulated. Multiple IºB and NF-ºB proteins form protein families and mediate stimulus-specific signal transduction through overlapping but distinct functions. The goal of our research program is to elucidate signal transduction mechanisms within the IºB/NF-ºB pathway and the specificity of its components as they relate to the stimulus-specific, gene-specific, and cell type-specific responses underlying diverse physiological functions.