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Research Scholars

Applications are now available.

Please go to for more information and to apply.

Research Scholars - Bioengineering  

There will be various program opportunities that students can choose from, ranging from three 5 day program to a comprehensive 6 week lab experience that includes a 3 week residential component. The program information is provided below. Students can apply and potentially be accepted into both programs. The 6 week program will also have a commuter only option for those who do not wish to stay in the dorms for the first 3 weeks of the program.

Research Scholars - Life Sciences  

In partnership with Boz Institute, we will offer a unique science research learning experience. Our programs will involve field work, fundamental molecular biology topics, modern laboratory techniques, and relevant bioinformatics and statistical applications. Learn to synthesize life science fundamentals, review literature, formulate hypotheses and design experiments, collect and process samples, execute experiments, analyze data, and showcase your work through poster presentations attended by local scientists and industry leaders.

Research Scholars - School of Medicine 

Explore the fields of Oncofertility and Sports Medicine with these two unique programs offered in conjunction with UC San Diego School of Medicine. The programs are commuter-based and designed to provide students with practical hands-on experiences as well as in-class learning. Its a great experience for high school students who want to explore the field of medicine.