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Jiyoung Park

Course Title: Introduction to Bioinformatics

Jiyoung Park has worked as a postdoctoral scholar at the Division of Biological sciences at the University of California, San Diego. She is investigating the mechanisms mediating cross talk between abiotic and biotic stress signaling with molecular biology, cell signaling, genomics and physiology. Jiyoung Park has served as a research mentor for undergraduate, graduate and high school students.


  • PhD in Molecular and Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea
  • BS in Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

  • Guest Lecture - LIFE 415: Modern Plant Biology (Spring 2010, Spring 2012)
  • Teaching Assistant - LIFE 103: General Life Science (Fall 2008, Fall 2009)
  • Teaching Assistant - LIFE 209: Cell Biology Laboratory (Spring 2008)
  • Park J*, LeeY, Martinoia E, Geisler M* (2017) Plant hormone transporters: what we know and what we would like to know. BMC Biology, 15:93. (*equally contributing corresponding authors).
  • Kunz H*, Park J*, Mevers E, García AV, Highhouse S, Gerwick WH, Parker JE, Schroeder JI (2016) Small Molecule DFPM Derivative-Activated Plant Resistance Protein Signaling in Roots Is Unaffected by EDS1 Subcellular Targeting Signal and Chemical Genetic Isolation of victr R-Protein Mutants. Plos One, 11(5) e0155937 (*equally contributing first authors)
  • Park J, Song W-Y, Ko D, Eom Y, Hansen TH, Schiller M, Lee TG, Martinoia E, and Lee Y (2012) The phytochelatin transporters AtABCC1 and AtABCC2 mediate tolerance to cadmium and mercury The Plant Journal, 69(2): 278-288
  • Song W-Y*, Park J*, Mendoza-Cózatl DG*, Suter-Grotemeyer M, Shim D, Hörtensteiner S, Geisler M, Weder B, Rea PA, Rentsch D, Schroeder JI, Lee Y and Martinoia E (2010) Arsenic tolerance in Arabidopsis is mediated by two ABCC-type phytochelatin transporters. PNAS. 107(49): 21187–21192 (*equally contributing first authors). Awardee of 2010 Cozzarelli Prize by PNAS.