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Introduction to Marine Science

Instructor: Bella Doohan
Instructor Emails:
Dates: July 10 - July 29, 2023
Schedule: TBD

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to marine organisms and habitats and give an overview of the diversity in the oceans. The class will cover the basics of oceanographic processes, an array of marine organisms, common ecosystems and habitats, and current events in today’s oceans such as overfishing, ocean acidification, restoration and marine protected areas. Through lectures, readings, projects, field trips and discussions students will learn about the diversity of ocean environments and how the creatures that live there are adapted to best survive. Students will learn theories pertinent to ecology as a whole as well as the oceanographic conditions that preclude diverse marine environments. Students will also have the opportunity to explore areas that interest them, to become experts on a topic and teach each other.

Learning Outcomes

The goals of this course include giving the student a broad overall understanding of ocean systems, marine ecology, and diversity. Students will come out of the class better aware of current events regarding the ocean and its overall health. Students will gain an understanding of how the environment plays a significant role in the survival and lifestyle of the organisms that live there. Additionally the course will give students an opportunity to pursue their own interest area through guided independent research.

Course Topics

  • Oceanographic Processes
  • Marine Organisms and Taxonomy
  • Kelp Forest Ecology
  • Coral Reef Ecology
  • Deep Sea Ecology
  • Intertidal Ecology
  • Climate change and human impacts
  • Marine Protected Areas and Restoration

*Courses vary by experience and exposure to content. Instructors have the ability to change content and pace to serve the needs of students. Courses have been modified for online teaching.