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Faculty Information

Sarah Leinwand

Course Title: Neuroscience: From Brain to Behaviors
Department: Neurosciences


Sarah Leinwand is a Ph.D. student in Neurosciences at UC San Diego.  She earned a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her Ph.D. research is in Sreekanth Chalasani’s lab at the Salk Institute, which focuses on the neural basis of sensory-mediated behaviors.  Prior to graduate school, Sarah worked at an education nonprofit, Turning the Page, in Washington, D.C.  Sarah has taught middle and high school students extensively through her regular volunteer work with the UCSD Neuroscience Outreach Program, the Salk Mobile Science Lab and the Neurosciences Pipeline Program.  Through the UCSD Neuroscience Outreach and Neuroscience Pipeline programs, she has developed new neuroscience-based curricula designed to excite students about the brain and to engage students in the scientific method through hands-on experiments.  Sarah has also taught as an invited guest lecturer in a course for first year biomedical sciences graduate students at UCSD.



BA in Biological Basis of Behavior, University of Pennsylvania

PhD student in Neurosciences, UC San Diego

Professional Background

Graduate Student, UC San Diego

Program Coordinator, School Liaison, Turning the Page, Washington, DC (through Americorps VISTA)

Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania Department of Neuroscience


Teaching Experience

BIPN148 Cellular Basis of Learning and Memory, UC San Diego

Community Visions, a literacy through photography class, at three Washington, DC public elementary schools

Middle and high school students through six years of volunteer work with the UCSD Neuroscience Outreach Program, the Salk Mobile Science Lab and the Neurosciences Pipeline Program.


Publications and Awards

Leinwand SG, Chalasani SH (2012).  Neuropeptide signals enable cross-modal encoding of chemosensory stimulus concentration and identity. In preparation.

Leinwand SG, Chalasani SH (2012).  Neuropeptide signaling coordinates chemosensory neuron activity and behavior.  Society for Neuroscience conference poster presentation.  New Orleans, LA. 

Leinwand SG, Chalasani SH (2011).  Olfactory Networks: from sensation to perception.  Curr Opin Genet Dev, 21(6): 806-11.Xu H,

Leinwand SG, Dell AL, Fried-Cassorla E, Raper JA (2010).  The calmodulin-stimulated adenylate cyclase ADCY8 sets the sensitivity of zebrafish retinal axons to midline repellents and is required for normal midline crossing. J Neurosci, 30(21): 7423-33.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship                                                                      

Fine Science Tools Travel Award (for the Society for Neuroscience Meeting)                                              

Timken Sturgis Foundation Award (for graduate research)