New Mexico: Los Alamos

Los Alamos, New Mexico - Not Available Summer 2017

UCSD and its partners, the University of New Mexico, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) and the Jemez Pueblo offer this unique and exciting program around Albuquerque and north of it in New Mexico. With UNM geologists students explore Sandia Peak and engage in field studies to collect rock samples, study the Great Unconformity, and explore the Sandia Man Cave. Once in the Los Alamos area, PEEC researchers explore the impact of climate change and fires on the Los Alamos and Valles Caldera ecosystems.  The town of Los Alamos sits on the Pajarito Plateau which is a consolidated mass of volcanic tuff from the Valles and Toledo eruptions (1.4 to 1.1 million years ago). Students study and explore the surrounding ecosystems and engage in data collection on reforestation and fire prevention, gaining knowledge into how a forest needs fires and recovers from fires to sustain its own ecosystem. Students are invited onto the Jemez Pueblo to continue their studies of sustainability and learn how the Native Americans have survived and thrived in this area for thousands of years.

Students keep a journal of the week’s activities, give a group scientific presentation on a topic studied, and an individual personal presentation on how they will apply the knowledge gained towards being "A Leader in Caring for the Earth".