Paola Capo-Garcia

Course Title: Code Switching: Experimenting with Bilingual Creative Writing

Paola Capo-Garcia is a poet and journalist from San Juan Puerto Rico. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from UC San Diego, an MA in English from UC Davis and a BS in Magazine Journalism/English & Textual Studies from Syracuse University. Paola's main interests are in contemporary poetry and gender studies. She served as a Co-Editor, Alchemy Journal, English Department at UC San Diego.

  • BS in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University
  • MA in English from UC Davis
  • MFA in Creative Writing from UC San Diego
  • Instructor and Teaching Assistant, English Department, UC Davis
  • Teaching Assistant - Culture Art & Technology Department and English Department - UC San Diego
  • Co-Instructor, Language and Identity for Bilingual Writers (English/Spanish) - Academic Connections 2016
  • The Volta, "Accuring" / Online, forthcoming
  • Macaroni Necklace, "Girl Part," "Girl Parts," "Video Girl," "Girlness / Audio & Print, 2015
  • NightBlock, "Montages" & "Yellow" / Online & Print, 2015
  • Amor Rorense: birds in shorts city, una antologia de cuerpos escribiendo en san diego, Exerpt from CLAP FOR ME THAT'S NOT ME, "Poem in which she only use vowels," & "Between" / Print, 2015