Marco Antonio Huerta Alardin

Course Title: Language and Identity for Bilingual Writers (English/Spanish)

Marco Antonio Huerta is a Mexican translator and experimental poet. Carmen Alardin Award 2005. Author of: La semana milagrosa (2006), Golden Boy (2009), Hay un jardin (2009) and Magnitud/e (2012), co-written with Sara Uribe. His work has been published in several periodicals and anthologies in Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and the United States. Huerta is currently a student in the MFA program in Writing at UC San Diego.

  • BA in Communication, Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe, Mexico City
  • MFA in Literature: Writing, University of California, San Diego (in process)
  • Technical English, Technological University of Altamira, Mexico
  • At the University of California, San Diego: Introduction to Writing Poetry LTWR 8B (3 times) and Introduction to Writing Nonfiction LTWR 8C
  • Creative Writing Workshop: "Historical Fiction from below" Centenarian Commission Tamaulipas, by Cristina Rivera Garza, June 2009.
  • Writing Workshop on Meter and Verse, CRIPIL Northeast, by David Huerta, January 2008.
  • Creative Writing Workshop: "The everyday book", Tamaulipas Institute for Culture and the Arts, by Cristina Rivera Garza, December 2007.
  • Seminar: "The library and the Labyrinth" Department of Philosophy and Literature - UNAM, by David Huerta, spring 1999.
  • Creative Writing Workshop, Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, by Gloria Gómez Guzmán, 1996-1997.