Code Switching: Experimenting with Bilingual Creative Writing

Department: Creative Writing

Instructor: Paola Capo-Garcia, MFA
Instructor Email:
Prerequisites: None

Course Description

This course examines what it means to write in more than one language, mode, or code. By analyzing contemporary writing that employs languages outside of English and experimenting with our own languages, we can get closer to understanding the politics and consequences of code switching in creative writing.

Content and Evaluation

The course’s main goal is to articulate the importance of writing outside of English and what that means in terms of the writer’s identity. The course also looks to expand the student’s understanding of contemporary writing, give them new tools to work on their own creative writing, give them new language to understand other writer’s writing, and expand their critical analysis skills.

Topical Outline

Week 1: History of writers employing more than one language in creative writing. Who are they? What did they accomplish?

Week 2: What are the politics of writing bilingually? How does it affect the reader?

Week 3: Why do we write bilingually? What can we accomplish?

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