The Expanded Portfolio: Explore 2D Techniques to Create your Own Art Book 

Department: Visual Arts

Instructor: Grace Huddleston 
Instructor's Email:
Prerequisites: None

Course Description

This exciting course gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of 2D (or two-­‐dimensional) art making techniques such as drawing, collage, comics, printmaking and graphic design. No previous art making experience is required, as the small class size will allow for highly individualized instruction, making this course appropriate for a variety of skill levels. At the end of the course students will have a diverse portfolio of art works that show cases both their technical and creative skills in a variety of mediums. Having college level experience with a wide range of art making techniques will be a huge benefit even if the student decides to pursue a major outside of the arts. This is because this course not only hones their art making skills but also their communication and self expression abilities. Creative thinkers are an asset to virtually any career field and the ability to easily communicate one’s innovative ideas is key!

During the first half of this class students will explore many methods of 2D art making through assignments that allow them to tap into their creative thinking side while developing their technical art making skills. Additionally they will be introduced to many kinds of art books and book making methods. They will then be guided in the development of an idea for their own art book, for which they can use any combination of the 2D methods taught in the beginning of the course. Using their individual book idea students will craft a presentation and project proposal to share with the class. Developing and presenting a proposal of a creative idea is key to many career fields and academic paths and this exercise gives students the opportunity to practice this critical skill!

Students will receive feedback from the instructor and their peers on the book idea, and then will use the second half of the course, and personalized guidance from the instructor, to create their book. This is an exciting way to combine their new 2D art making skills in their own unique way to tell a story, educate, or simply create a new experience for the reader. Writing is certainly encouraged but is not required, art books are not novels, but certainly can be a novel way to share information!
Students will truly finish this class with an expanded portfolio. The 2D works they create in the course can be used to apply for art opportunities such as exhibitions, scholarships, and even college admission. The book will be a unique aspect of their portfolio as book making is not commonly taught at the high school level. Finally, the portfolio of skills is fully expanded as they will have practiced the critical skill of clear communication of creative ideas.

Learning Outcomes 

This course is indented to guide students as they develop their 2D skills, creative ideas, communication abilities, create their own art book, and develop an art portfolio.
Upon completion of the course students will have:

  • Gained exposure to and practice in various 2D art making techniques
  • Learned about applicable art historical examples of techniques learned
  • Learned about various book making techniques and materials
  • Practiced key professional skills such clear communication and presentation of creative ideas
  • Integrated technical skills and creative ideas into their own art works
  • Created a diverse portfolio of pieces that demonstrates their skills in areas both technical and creative which can be used in applications to art exhibitions, scholarships, and colleges where applicable

Course Outline

  • 2D Portfolio Development – exploration of a variety of 2D art making practices
  • Clear communication of creative ideas, honed ability to utilize self expression for success in a variety of majors and careers
  • Book making – learning about historical art book makers, exploring many book making techniques, and practical application of newly developed 2D art skills


*Courses vary by experience and exposure to content. Instructors have the ability to change content and pace to serve the needs of students.


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